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Wallpaper Removal

Professional Services

Sourcing wallpaper removal services for your home, in Edmonton is difficult. Having someone perform this service, at an affordable price Is almost impossible. For some reason, most contractors don’t enjoy removing wallpaper. For the few house painters that specialize in it, this is a high demand service.

We Love Removing Wallpaper

Many potential clients ask how hard can this possibly be? You cover the floors, wet the surface and start peeling. Well, not exactly, most wall coverings don’t come off that easily. It takes many hours of hard work while ensuring we don’t cause any damage to your walls. This is the primary reason many contractors avoid it and prefer to have someone else perform this service for them.

Edmonton Painters Pro, uses a specialized liquid solution that is much better than most products out there. This amazing solution is derived from natural materials such as clay, starch, and wheat. It is odorless and unlike other products, can be used without gloves, eye protection or ventilation. We can also tell you that this product satisfies our environmental products polices, which we are very aware of. Prior to a quotation, we perform small sample test to evaluate the difficulty. Depending on the test, we may suggest a fixed price or a time and materials quote. Whichever way you wish to decide to proceed, you can rest assured that Edmonton Painters Pro is the right contractor for the job.

Why Remove Wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper is a very messy, time-consuming and tedious task. Despite all that, many customers want it removed, but why?

  • Removing old wallpaper will help increase your home’s resale value. Its very possible that your décor and your favorite wallpaper will not appeal to the taste of the most home buyers. Realtors and stagers will likely suggest removing old wallpaper and decorating your home in neutral colors. Considering the price of real-estate in Edmonton, this will bring a big return on your investment.
  • Old wall paper is always a sing of stale décor and even a reminder of years gone by. What was good then is not outdated and needs your attention. Having your walls updated will give you home a great boost.
  • Edmonton Painters Pro suggests simplifying you living space. Walls full of intricate and colorful patterns make for busy looking rooms. Sometimes after a long day at work, you want to come home to a space that will help you wind down.
  • Artwork will never look good on wallpaper, unless it has a simple design. Patters and colors will almost always take away the attention that a good piece of art should command.
  • Paint has a psychological effect and will brighten up a room and make it look bigger. This is especially true in rooms with a lot of architectural detail as trim, wainscoting and of course, bulkheads.
  • Over time, wallpaper will fade and if it’s not in great condition, it’s time to remove it. Scratches, holes, peeling corners or just stains and dirt, are easier to remedy on painted walls.
  • Despite a mild comeback, wallpaper is simply not as popular as it once was. With all the new finishes and paint colors, today’s homeowners prefer decorating with paint.
  • Most wallpaper on walls right now is old and makes any space looked aged. Removing it and applying a fresh coat of paint will modernize the home.

Hiring the Right Contractor

For most homeowners, hiring a professional painting service contractor is a major expense. Why not invest some time and find out why Edmonton Painters Pro is perfectly suited to your needs. Unfortunately, not all painting companies have the experience and knowledge to remove wallpaper without damaging your walls and property. Edmonton Painters Pro has been servicing Edmonton and area for many years. We have seen and removed all sorts of wallpaper, as unique grass cloth, or as stubborn as tin foil. Before we start any sort of project we will ensure all of your belongings are moved and covered with clean drop cloths and plastics.

The Cost of Wallpaper Stripping

Completing your wallpaper removal project, in an orderly fashion will take sometime. We will take steps to protect your walls and your furniture to ensure we render our services without any damage to your belongings or property. Determining the average cost of removing wallpaper, varies from job-to-job, but we take the following into consideration:

  • The age of the home and the wallpaper in addition to the type of wallpaper used.
  • The square footage of your room where wallpaper is to be removed.
  • The quality of preparation work the original installer did.
  • The condition of the walls after removal.
  • Where the wallpaper is located. Example: stairways, behind appliances, etc.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Edmonton Painters Pro for your free wallpaper removal estimate as we will be pleased to help. At Edmonton Painters Pro, we always have your best interests at heart with every project we take.

Drywalling Serivce

Here at Edmonton Painters Pro, we fully understand that dry walling isn’t particularly a favored job for many homeowners. And though dry walling is a necessary part of home renovations, there are also innovate tools and materials that can make the process easier, faster and cleaner. Whether you plan to install drywall yourself or hire us, you’ll be better of the right stuff on your side. Wish to learn more? Simply click on the button below for more details regarding this service.

Edmonton Dry Wall Service

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