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Plaster and Dry Wall Repairs

Superior Wall Repairs

As with our all of our service offerings, Edmonton Painters Pro offers a complete workmanship guarantee on all plaster and drywall repair services. Your walls really do matter. In some cases, a new coat of paint will cure them, other times your wall may require some preparation work. Knowing a thing or two about walls is an understatement here at Edmonton Painters Pro because we fully understand that a great finish is only as good the wall itself. We know everything about walls because we are paint and design professionals that specialize in exterior painting and interior painting for your home, business or industrial properties.

Depending on your home’s age, it may have been outfitted with plaster walls, while modern homes will usually have drywall installed structure. Your walls however, may be in need of major repairs, so Edmonton Painters Pro is here to be of assistance, every step of the way. Regardless of drywall structure, both will require materials to leave your walls feeling fresh and strong. Our team of pros will work diligently to give your walls the care they need and nurse them back to great health. Leave the repairs to Edmonton Painters Pro and free up your time for the more important aspects of life.

Homes that were constructed forty or so years ago likely feature interiors that consist of plaster finishes. We will be pleased to review your space and see if the area requires small-to-moderate patch jobs or a complete plaster base coat. Plaster repairs should be done by skilled workers who have experience handling this material.

For newer dwellings, drywall is usually the material of choice. In order to complete a drywall repair, the process is slightly less complicated than what plaster mending entails. However, for best results, it should be done a professional. Our team will repair existing drywall, add new drywall to needed areas and leave your walls smother than ever. A smooth wall is happy wall and of course, a ready-to-be-painted wall.

For both plaster repair and drywall repair, if wallpaper removal is required, we will be pleased to take care of this for you. The process of wallpaper removal is completed carefully and no damage to your wall will ensue. In addition, if the wallpaper is to be reapplied after the repair is complete, we will use a sealer to make sure the wallpaper glue bonds to the surface. If the surface is to be painted, we will skim coat and sand it smooth for the new paint surface.

Lastly, with out superior plaster and drywall repair service you are guaranteed quality craftsmanship and results that will far exceed your expectations. Let Edmonton Painters Pro keep your walls in good health.

Dry Wall Service

Edmonton Painters Pro is a favored dry-wall, service provider in Edmonton and area. We offer top quality residential and commercial service to clients throughout the city of Edmonton and surrounding area. We take great pride and provide exceptional results at competitive market pricing. We are skilled tradesmen and will cater to your specific needs, while ensuring vast expertise in drywall installation and finishing.

Drywall Installation

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