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Professional Services

Edmonton's Preferred Painters

Becoming a preferred provider takes time. Investing in the right equipment, providing nothing short of superior service, providing honest service and great rates are just a few of the most important factors at becoming successful. Whether it’s a small interior project a complete paint restoration, we never cut corners on quality. Some of our service offerings are listed below for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us we may discuss your budget and vision for any of our services.

Interior Painting Service

A fresh coat of good quality paint is a relatively inexpensive way to remodel a room. Edmonton Painters Pro will be pleased to help you through this process with our skills and expertise in planning and color consulting.

The right colors can change the atmosphere of a room in a number of ways. Color creates a mood, illusions and disguises flaws. Projecting your ideas into reality is a process that we enjoy taking our customers through to come through with our service to leave you as pleased as possible. If you don’t already know it, interior painting isn’t limited to just the walls. With some imagination, ceilings, doors and trim and also touch up any living space.

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting Service

Painting the exterior or your building, whether it’s your home or business is a huge job. The rewards however, can be great too. With a minimal investment in tools and materials, you’ll save thousands of dollars and extend the life of your siding and trim and increase the value of your property. Best of all it will look like new again.

A high-quality paint job takes a lot of time, preparation and effort and in many cases, exterior painting can take the better part of up to six weeks to complete. Doing it yourself comes at a high cost, why not leave the work to Edmonton Painters Pro and rest assured that you will receive the highest-caliber service, best quality materials and a finish that will with stand the mother natures toughest challenges?

Completing a top-quality exterior paint job requires more than patience and perseverance. You'll need a sharp eye, a steady hand and a bit of practice to paint crisp, straight lines. In addition, you'll need the strength to move and set up tall ladders, and the confidence to work from them once they're in place.

Exterior Painting

Wallpaper Removal

Love your home, but you cringe every time you walk by that bathroom? What were you thinking when you picked out that particular wallpaper? Not to work, wallpaper is not forever. However, before applying any paint or a different wall covering, you may have a little work to do. Removing old wallpaper Is not that difficult, but if your not careful, you can cause damage to your walls.

Edmonton Painters Pro has number of proven methods for removing wallpaper such as steam removal. However, it’s important to know what kind of walls you have before you begin. The age of the wall typically determines whether is drywall or plaster.

Wallpaper Removal

California Knock Down

Edmonton Painters Pro has a variety of experience at stucco or textured ceiling repairs. Don’t hesitate to review our image gallery for some of the kinds of ceilings we have repaired or installed for customers. Water damage repairs to ceilings from roof or bathroom leaks can cause many different types of damage. Fire damage and also home renovations can cause damage to your stucco celling. We have corrected many types of damaged ceilings. We can repair patches or re-do entire ceilings, whatever is required.

knock Down Ceilings

Textured Ceilings

Textured ceilings have been around for the longest time and are nothing new. They actually developed out of necessity as a means to hide ceilings imperfections. The best drywall contractors realize that a perfectly smooth ceiling is a nearly impossible feat. Since ceilings reflect light, even subtle variations can be noticed.

Textured Ceilings

Varnish Finishes

If you have a piece of furniture, you may consider varnishing or refinishing it. “Varnishing” also refers to wood stains or sealants that don’t cover the grain of the wood surface. Varnish may or may not be the best option for your furniture, so be sure to setup your no obligation consultation and we will be pleased to provide assistance.

Varnish is a general name, like “paint”, for a transparent, protective finish or film mostly used on wood. Traditional varnish contains resin, a drying oil and a solvent.

The finish is typically shiny but can be modified by adding flatting agents or by rubbing the hardened varnish with an abrasive. Varnish is transparent, but often has a yellowish-type finish. Traditional varnishes tend to turn golden hue over time, this is much prized by boat owners. Varnish usually has no pigment added although some varnishes will have a small amount of stain to make the color more golden. When wood is to be finished so that it has a different colour or much deeper shade, a stain is used first. The varnish is then applied to provide protection and waterproofing.

Varnish Finishes

Water Damage

When your home or place of business has experienced extensive damage from water, you will need professionals to come in and correct the problem. We will be pleased to work with you and can tell you that we have extensive experience, but also supply the best equipment in order to provide you with the best water damage restoration possible. When it comes to water damage in Edmonton, we cover a wide array of service such as deodorizing, flooded basement restoration, mold inspection, testing and mold removal, sewage backup cleanup, water damage restoration.

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Mold Treatment

Although bathrooms, shower stalls in particular, and basements are typically moist areas which are prone to mold, any moist are in the home or business office can harbor mold. Drywall, ceiling tiles, furnishings, ductwork, carpets, wallpaper, under sinks and in areas around plumbing pipes are examples of areas in the home that can become infested by mold if the request growing conditions are present.

Mold can enter your home through open doors, windows and vents. It can also become attached to clothing, pets, shoes, and as a result, carried into your home.

Mold can have a number of colors and in many cases, appear as spots. Additionally, a musty odor may be present. Mold growth may also be hidden underneath carpeting, on the backside of wall paper, behind drywall and paneling. Saunas, greenhouses and construction areas.

If you suspect you have a mold problem, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for remediation. We will be pleased to answer all of your questions and be of assistance.

Mold Treatment

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