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Feature Walls

What is a Feature Wall?

You’ve likely heard the term “feature wall,” and your common sense tells you that your not too far off. However, what exactly is this wall and why should you even consider featuring it? In a nutshell, it’s essentially one wall that’s showcased in a different color or finish than the other walls in the room – and needless to say, we have many feature wall ideas for your consideration.

Throughout the nineties and early two-thousands, for instance, you may have seen a white room with one wall painted orange or perhaps turquoise. That would be considered an old-school type, feature wall – a simple, yet overused style that designers eventually shield away from as too obvious and trendy.

Today, the feature wall is making a huge splash and comeback. With more imaginative choices for textures, finishes and color, the modern feature wall not only adds a lot of interest to an otherwise plain space, but it is also a functional and beneficial design element.

Why a Feature Wall?

There are a number of very good reasons for showcasing one wall in a room and adding a creative element. The primary reason is to simply jazz up an otherwise boring room. However, highlighting a wall also has more subtle and transforming design benefits.

Various colors on the finish or color used on a feature wall can seemingly enlarge a small space. For instance, painting one wall a darker color surprisingly adds depth and drama to a cozy space. Or adding a mirrored wall detail in a small bathroom makes the room feel somewhat larger.

Distinguishing a wall can also help define that space for a specific function. Every year, Edmonton Painters pro has found that the dining area in a living room space is by far the most popular area of the some to spruce with a feature wall. Do this by placing the dining table next to the feature wall and coordinate elements, such as accessories for the dining table, with the wall.

We here at Edmonton Painters Pro can create an environment of harmony using elements on a feature wall that exists elsewhere in a room which can enhance that specific design element. For instance, if your room has ceiling beams, try adding a reclaimed-wood design component to your wall.

Edmonton Painters pro will put on our thinking caps and get busy, thinking up, creatively conjuring up, the best possible feature wall. We can detract attention from something you don’t really want others to focus on. For example, if your view from the window is the local recycling yard, we can create something happy and interesting on another wall for the eye to focus on.

Lastly, highlighting just one wall is cost efficient and embraces the innermost commitment-phobe; after all, it is only one wall. In most cases, you can easily change or replace that design detail once you tire of it

What is a Feature Wall?

Let’s face it. If all walls of a room are decorated in the color or pattern, it creates harmony but can be very plain. By choosing an appropriate wall and giving it an alternative bolder color, you can drastically change the mood of a room or highlight a feature of interest.

We can tell you that feature walls are most often used when the rest of the room is decorated with a neutral color. You pick a wall in the room and paint it a different color, or perhaps wallpaper it with a bold pattern, creating a feature.

A feature wall can also be used to help create a much more defined space within an open-plan area. If you have kids, you might create a play area, or in a living-diner you might highlight the dining area.

Picking a Wall

Picking a wall, isn’t always an easy choice. Let Edmonton Painters Pro, provide you with some assistance on which wall to have as your feature, will depend on the room you are decorating. Here are some general ideas to keep in mind when doing so:


  • By far, the most common wall in a bedroom for a feature wall is the headboard of the bed. This highlights the main function of the room, plus having the feature behind you while you have a good night’s sleep means you won’t be bothered by complex patterns or bright colors.
  • Edmonton Painters Pro are well known throughout Edmonton for creating fun mural walls for kids rooms. Your youngster will love a nice mural!

Living Rooms

Planning on changing the layout and look of your living room? Why not contact Edmonton Painters Pro for that fresh new look you’ve been yearning for? Below you find some our favorite living room ideas and choices for a feature wall.

  • Edmonton Painters Pro has added thousands of accent walls to living rooms, over the years. It’s a fantastic update and can be completed cost-effectively. We will ensure just the right amount of pattern and color as to not be disturbing. Deep rooted colors such as burgundy or blue work quite well, but your choice of color is virtually unlimited.
  • Many of our customers choose to frame a fireplace with a set of built-in shelving. The end result is a great looking feature will. We can also tell you that feature also look best when they are symmetrical, so make your shelving units equal in size. Other scenarios we’ve completed is by adding a pair of sconces, a mirror or painting above the fireplace will complete the look.

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